Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Kinda Corny...

For today's handmade spotlight I'm featuring candy corn... but it's not your traditional candy corn. Enjoy!!

'It's Kinda Corny...' by ewenmeprintables

Candy Corn Cookies
Candy Corn Coasters Orange Y...
CANDY CORN Twirl Skirt
A dozen Candy Corn Lollipops
Candy Corn Earrings on Sterl...
Halloween Candy Corn Wood Ti...
Crochet Village Halloween Gh...
Candy Corn Halloween Tag in ...
Halloween Candy Corn Embroid...
Corny Candy Clippie
2 Crazy Candy Corn Melting T...
Candy Corn Hair Clip
Custom Boutique Halloween Ca...
Candy Corn Beads Handcrafted...
Fancy Candy Corn Ring
Plush Candy Corn with face H...


  1. Love the candycorn lollipops! Cute stuff!

  2. they are kind of corny..but i loved them the ring.;)

  3. Love the coasters and the cookies.To cute!

  4. Bette, you slay me! This is so candy corn cool! I love it:)