Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Organized - Getting Laundry Under Control

Is your laundry out of control? Is it keeping you from crafting? It doesn't take long for that to happen so today I am offering some tips to help curb the piles that are taking over your laundry room.

1. Try to do at least one load a day. I am good at starting the laundry and letting it sit in the washer or leaving it in the dryer when it's done. Make it a habit to do at least one load from start to finish everyday. If the dryer is empty it'll be easier to start fresh the next day.

2. Get a sorting system together. You can buy laundry sorters or just use baskets. I remember when I was a kid, we had a space in our bathroom that was under the stairs. The space wasn't good for much else, so my mom set up 4 baskets to keep our laundry sorted. One for whites, colors, jeans and my dad's work clothes. This made it really easy to tell what load needed done. Don't forget to empty pockets!

3. Keep your supplies organized and in the same place, preferably next to the washer and dryer. Try to treat stains when the occur with a stain stick or pre-treater, before you throw them in the dirty clothes basket.

4. I mentioned it before, but remove the clothes from the dryer promptly. This will reduce wrinkling and will make it so much easier when you want to start the next load.

5. Hate putting things away? I did until I had my kids dressers and closets organized. Get rid of things that don't fit or are out of season on a regular basis. This will make things easier to put away.

A little bit of organizing can go a long way and getting the laundry out of the way is one of the things we can do daily to help our homes more organized.

Thanks for joining us!
Deena Davis


  1. Much needed post for my house!! Thanks.

  2. Laundry is something I have always been good with.
    I always washed every day, so never go too much. the worst is when it is linen day, then the loads pile up.